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Boat rentals with or without skipper:
If you have boat license, rent a boat and enjoy a different day on board, off the beautiful Algarve coastline. If you DONT have a license or just want to spend a day on the sea without the worry of being a captain, you can ask for a skipper and just cruise and relax all day.

Private Tours:
Hire a skipper, make your own itinerary or let us do it for you. You will not regret!

Cave Tours:
If you want to visit the caves in a private boat, we have the solution for you! Run from the crowds and rent a boat just for you and your family/friends and enjoy a 3 hours tour where your going to see around 20 caves (depending on the tide)

Private events like, birthdays, weddings, partys, etc. Send us a message with your order and we´ll be care of everything.

Skipper: For those who dont have a boat license or just want to spend a day free of stress and without the worry of damage the boat. Our skippers are highly qualified, professional and will be able to make a personalized tour for you!

Price: from 120€ to 300€ depending on the size of the boat;
Fuel: Not included. Before the delivery, the skipper will stop in the petrol station to refuel;
Deposit: Not required;

Transport to another harbour:
We are based in Portimão but we can do the transportation of the boat to another harbour!

Price: Under request. Depends on distance;
Marina: Any parking expenses in other marinas are borne by the person in charge of the rental
Conditions: For medium/long term rentals;

NOTE: If the customer rent the boat in PORTIMÃO for 2 or more days, he will have free access to the pontoon where the boat is located. Having no time to arrive, except on the last day of the rental.

Don't worry about taking food and drinks, let us know in advance and we will take care of everything for you!

Price:Under request. Value of the purchase + 60€ tax;
Warning: Must be requested at least 2 days in advance;

Rent to buy:
If you have in mind the possible purchase of a boat, we have this option that allows you to rent a boat to try it out and if you decide to buy, the rental price it will be deducted from the purchase price.

NOTE: The rental procedure is exactly the same as for a normal rental. Fuel, damage, deposit, extras, etc.

Sports equipment:
Wakeboard, water skis, tube and paddle board.

NOTE: Legally talk, to rent/use wakeboard, skis or tube you need to have at least 2 people on board.

Full coverage insurance:
All our boats are insured with a third party cover. Full coverage insurance is available for an extra 60€, 100€, 200€ or 300€/day with an variable excess (value of the insurnce and excesso depends on the boat);

When purchasing the full coverage insurance, the client will deposit the insurance excess and in this case, in the event of causing damage to the boat, the client will pay at the most, the amount of the insurance excess.

Subject to insurance conditions. The client may have access to the insurance conditions upon request.

Fuel no stress:
Possibility to return the boat without the stress of refueling.

Our rental agreement provides a full to full policy. If the customer wants to buy the NO STRESS Fuel service, the boat will be delivered with a full tank of fuel and at the time of return it will not be necessary to refuel, avoiding the risks of mooring and waste of time.

Unused fuel will NOT be refunded.